Friday, December 15, 2023

Ken's Best of 2023 - #3: Wednesday - Rat Saw God

Say what you will about Spotify, but thanks to it I discovered Wednesday. They kept getting played at the end of albums I was listening to, and I kept wanting to hear more. I quickly became a fan, and ended up adoring their 2023 album Rat Saw God.

I think Wednesday can be summed up by my wife's reaction to hearing them: Are they indie rock or are they country? And my answer was yes. They have one of the most unique sounds out there today. It's a noisy version of indie rock that still has enough pop hooks to keep you listening, and just enough twang to countrify it more than a little bit. A song like "Bull Believer" is a giant, epic indie rock song, while "Chosen to Deserve" is an off-kilter country jam. Wednesday play with Drive-By Truckers quite a bit, which makes perfect sense. They're both rock bands with a hard country edge to them. It's not too many bands with a pedal steel player that can inspire mosh pits, but that's what Wednesday does at their live shows. Mixing indie rock, grunge, and country is kind of a sweet spot for me, which is why I can't get enough of Wednesday.

Songs of note: "Hot Rotten Grass Smell," "Bull Believer," "Chosen to Deserve," and "TV in the Gas Pump"

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