Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Deleter - "Doctor Jonathan Osterman"

Concept albums are usually the territory of prog rock and maybe the occasional hip hop album. Minneapolis's Deleter are set to come out with what may very well be the first post-punk concept album. Levitate the Pentagon isn't about Abbie Hoffman or the Yippies, but instead is, according to the press release, "... somewhat of a concept album based loosely on generations of comic book lore interweaved with social/political commentary on the history of western culture's role in the world today. With nods to Alan Moore's Watchmen, The World's Greatest Detective, Marvel's cosmic universe, the Atomic Age of comics and so much more, Deleter weaves narratives, meaning and connections between a fantasy world and the violence of the reality we all know all too well."

The first song we can hear from Levitate the Pentagon is "Doctor Jonathan Osterman" sounds like a dark DEVO without the synths. It starts off with noises that may be drums or could be just clicks, and then a barely strummed guitar comes in. It's a very slow build until it all devolves into a swirling near-mess that you could dance to if you tried. 

You can listen to "Doctor Jonathan Osterman" below. Levitate the Pentagon will be out on August 24 and can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp. For more on Deleter, check them out on Facebook.

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