Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Jack Drag - "Little Lies"

I first discovered Jack Drag sometime in the mid to late 90's opening for Letters to Cleo, and was immediately smitten. They had this incredible lo-fi sound, but in a groovy, huge sounding way I had never heard before. I was shocked when they signed to A&M, and thrilled with the release of Dope Box. It was an expanded sound: More polished but in a great way. The band released a few more indie albums after that, but John Dragonetti moved from Boston to LA as part of the great exodus. He got more into producing and released a few albums with The Submarines.

Now, Jack Drag is back! There is a new single and a forthcoming album. "Little Lies" is far more polished and pop than anything Dragonetti has released as Jack Drag previously. It's nowhere near as pop as The Submarines, but lies in the middle of later period Jack Drag and The Submarines. There is definitely much more orchestration, and a far more lush sound. But that could be because home recordings are now much more advanced than they were in 1995. Plus, he brought in Aimee Mann and Dylan Gardner for backing vocals!

You can listen to "Little Lies" below. The new album from Jack Drag, 2018, will be released on Burger Records in the fall. For more on Jack Drag, be sure to check out his/their website.

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