Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Baeilou - "Eleanora"

Mia Pixley's musical project has an interesting origin. Pixley started out in Austin, TX, moved to New York City, and now resides in Oakland, CA. The Bay Area is where she came across Baeilou, the name of her cello.

It's going to be easy to compare Baeilou to Leyla McCalla, since they both perform roots music using a cello. Judging by "Eleanora" (which is based on the Edgar Allen Poe story of the same name), that might be where comparisons end. Baeilou's sound has a more mainstream sound. Pixley does have a lot of the same haunting sound that we love about McCalla, but when your song is inspired by Poe, that's going to be a given. About halfway through the song, this beat kicks in that's equal parts hip hop and hard rock. As much as you'll love the song before that, that beat is what will suck you in.

You can listen to "Eleanora" below. Inside Under, the upcoming album from Baeilou, will be out on August 24. For more on Baeilou, follow them on Facebook or check out their website.

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