Tuesday, July 10, 2018

lié - Hounds

I've been fairly (ok, ridiculously) obsessed with Vancouver's lié ever since stumbling on them when I saw they were opening for The Dead Milkmen in that area of the continent. Their self described "three piece dark punk" sound just hits me in a sweet spot. Luckily for us, they just released their latest full length, Hounds.

Let's attempt to describe lié besides just "dark punk." lié play punk, no question about it. It's an insanely fast, loud version of the genre, which, quite frankly, most punk bands seem to lack these days. But, holy shit is this noisy. It's basically if Bikini Kill and Sonic Youth got angry. Hounds is filled with songs of pure chaos. Usually I love noisy bands like this because they have a controlled sense of chaos, but I don't think lié is completely in control, in all honesty. It sounds as if they plugged in their instruments and were overtaken by some sort of malevolent spirit. If that sounds like your thing, congratulations. You're going to love this.

You can watch the video for "Fill It Up" below. Hounds, the brand new album from lié, is out on. You can pick up your copy over at their Bandcamp. For more on lié, follow them on Facebook. The band is just about to go on a tour that luckily includes some Northeast US dates. Those can be found in the links above.

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