Thursday, August 23, 2018

Callow - "Always About the Ones Who Have It All"

Photo by Alanso Cat
San Francisco's Callow are self described as "noir folk." While the noir part is spot on, that description is greatly exaggerating the definitions of folk. Their new single, "Always About the Ones Who Have It All" is a dark, organic song that starts off incredibly slowly and slowly builds up intensity. It does seem to alternate between having a more quiet somewhat folk sound and a blustering and crashing noise base. It's like the classic quiet/loud/quiet formula brought to a disturbing extreme. It's the rare song that can make the folkies and noise rock fans satisfied.

You can watch the video for "Always About the Ones Who Have It All" below. Mothdust, the new album from Callow, will be out October 19. For more on Callow, be sure to check out their website.