Wednesday, August 8, 2018

J. Allen - "Oh Oblivion"

It's been almost two years since we brought you any new music from J. Allen, but luckily he's back with a new single. "Oh Oblivion" keeps intact the amazing songwriting and melody of previous releases from J. Allen, but tonally it's a huge shift. His previous singles fit much more snugly in the singer/songwriter mold. "Oh Oblivion" is much more spacey and foggy sounding. As Allen himself describes it: "A singer finds his way amidst clouds of swirling cellos in these songs of foggy introspection." It's a beautiful song that is slightly more challenging of a listen than you would have expected from his previous offerings, but we're pretty sure you'll end up loving it.

You can listen to "Oh Oblivion" and its b-side "I've Been Down This Road Before" over at J. Allen's website. The vinyl single can be pre-ordered at Bandcamp.

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