Thursday, August 9, 2018

Kristin Hersh - "No Shade in Shadow"

Even though we brought you a new track from Kristin Hersh's upcoming solo album a short time ago, "Breathe In" was still in the demo stages making "No Shade in Shadow" the first official single. It's not quite what we would have expected. Hersh's solo work usually fits more into the singer/songwriter category, and her noisier and more experimental work is taken on by Throwing Muses of 50 Foot Wave. "No Shade in Shadow" isn't as rock as Throwing Muses or as aggressive as 50 Foot Wave, but it's certainly not a standard singer/songwriter track. It's soaked in reverb and is one of Hersh's more dissonant tracks in recent memory. At the point Hersh is in her career, most of her contemporaries are on the nostalgia circuit and maybe churn out a dull, predictable record every few years. It's so refreshing to have an artist that continues to push herself with every release.

You can listen to "No Shade in Shadow" below. Possible Dust Clouds, the new album from Kristin Hersh, will be out October 5 via Fire Records. You can pre-order a copy here. For more on Kristin Hersh, check out her website.