Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Summer Magic - "A Certain Little Chord"

When a band is called Summer Magic, August 31 is a strange time to release a new album, especially when your sound mirrors your name. Maybe Kevin Bachmann is a prophet, since here in the northeast we're experiencing some of the hottest days of the year as kids start going back to school.

Summer Magic's latest single off the forthcoming Sharks and Other Dangers, "A Certain Little Chord," is more of the summery power pop we loved with "Hey!" The main difference between the two singles is the latest has a darker feel hidden behind the upbeat chorus and keyboards, which makes sense as the song is about a family falling apart. On second thought, maybe "A Certain Little Chord" is the perfect goodbye to summer for everyone.

You can listen to "A Certain Little Chord" below. The new album from Summer Magic, Sharks and Other Dangers, will be out August 31. For more on Summer Magic, be sure to follow the band on Facebook.


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