Thursday, June 27, 2019

Field Mouse - "Heart of Gold"

We're rabid Field Mouse fans here at If It's Too Loud... ever since stumbling on them opening for Laura Stevenson & The Cans at TT the Bear's (RIP) years ago. We're beyond thrilled to find out they have a new album coming out in August and a new song right now! "Heart of Gold" is a gorgeous fast paced dream pop song, aka exactly what we want from Field Mouse. Saying a band has a more mature sound is such a music writer cliche, but "Heart of Gold" shows much a step forward for Field Mouse it's hard to avoid using it. Singer Rachel Browne explains the new album this way:

"A lot has happened in the three years since our last record came out. While there is far too much to say about it all in one place, we wrote this album anyway. What are the broad strokes, you ask? It's more or less about the end of the world and all of the ways that it seems to be happening, but also about making peace with former selves and growing as a person despite the feeling of global entropy. Also: strange internet versions of our friends and selves, bouts of insomnia and picking through the dreams that followed, the importance of forgiveness, and creating meaning in a world that increasingly feels like total chaos. What is the function of art in a place like this? Is anything we make going to last? I am not sure, but here are 11 songs looking for the answer. What I do know is that art connects us to each other and to our feelings and our selves. It is a liferaft, and I hope that we can all continue to put it into the world, appreciate it, and share it indefinitely." 

You can listen to "Heart of Gold" below. Meaning, the new album from Field Mouse, will be out August 16 on Topshelf Records. You can pre-order a copy here. For more on Field Mouse, check out their website.

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