Monday, June 10, 2019

Billy Dean Thomas - 2 the World

Billy Dean Thomas (aka The Queer B.I.G.) started off in Harlem and moved to Boston two years ago. Since then, they've established themselves on the burgeoning Boston hip hop scene. They just released a new double single, 2 the World, which consists of the songs "Tina Turnup" and "To the World." My feelings on current hip hop are well documented, and I tend to lean towards the throwback side of the genre. Billy Dean Thomas isn't a throwback act in the slightest. Instead, they keep the feel and intensity of classic hip hop while moving it into the current day. Both songs feel like an American version of British garage music and have a strong electro element. Both of these songs would be getting massive airplay nationwide if radio worked correctly.

You can listen to 2 the World below. For more information, check out Billy Dean Thomas's website. Billy Dean Thomas is also an incredible live performer. Be sure to check them out whenever you can.

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