Friday, June 28, 2019

Sub Dio - "Skeeters"

Sub Dio's new single has a really unique take on punk. "Skeeters" has an in your face screaming sound that somehow still sounds melodic. Part is the way Brian Moss and Danica Van Hartwig's vocals both complement and contradict each other. This dual vocal really gives "Skeeters" its sound. Musically the song is loud and fast, crashing straight through the listener's consciousness. The aggression within the song comes from the subject matter, which is how men feel entitled to act predatory towards women. Fun fact about Sub Dio: For day jobs, Van Hartwig is a social justice lawyer and Moss is a middle school teacher.

You can listen to "Skeeters" below. Sub Dio's self titled debut will be out July 19 on Side With Us Records/Underground Communique Records. You can pre-order a copy on Bandcamp. For more on Sub Dio, check them out on Twitter and Bandcamp.

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