Monday, June 17, 2019

sloan:sonna - "time to leave LA"

Photo by Jessika Lawyer
Denver via New Zealand's sloan:sonna have a video for new single "time to leave LA." The song is an upbeat, cheery slice of dream pop. It's cheerful to an almost painful degree, despite the sad topic of giving up your dream and leaving Los Angeles. According to Sloan: 

“because the song is less about LA and more about a girl who loves a guy I felt like the video needed to be both a head nod to the things about LA that people don’t like, but also highlight the ridiculousness of leaving a place with such amazing weather, beaches, (and culture). Arkansas, Canada, and learning to Ski provided a contrast that people could buy into but also laugh at."

You can watch the video for "time to leave LA" below. All the Right Statements, the debut album from sloan:sonna, will be out September 6. For more on sloan:sonna, check out their website.

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