Thursday, June 6, 2019

PVD Fest Preview

The PVD Fest takes over downtown Providence this weekend. It's a free, multi-stage, multi-genre, all ages festival that showcases virtually all forms of arts, but since we're a music blog, we're going to stick with music. The website/schedule is more than a little unwieldy, so here is what we've found that you're going to want to check out!

Leyla McCalla
Saturday, 5:45-7:15
Mural Stage, 120 Mathewson St
We're huge fans of Leyla McCalla here, and I personally can't recommend her live show enough. Her blend of traditional folk is completely unique and uses a cello in ways I've never heard before. For a festival that is focusing mostly on local Rhode Island artists, this is a huge booking and a treat for everyone that can attend.

Downtown Boys
Saturday, 7:45-8:45
Arcade Stage, 35 Weybosset St
Most free outdoor all ages shows aren't going to book a band that flaunts their Communism as openly as Downtown Boys, but PVD Fest doesn't seem to mind! Even though their last album was on Sub Pop, Downtown Boys are a Providence band so expect this performance to be packed. Being old enough to remember the Green Day Hatch Shell riots (via the news and stories from friends, I wasn't cool enough to actually go), all ages free outdoor punk shows always seem a bit risky to me, but kids these days are much more mellow with their YouTubes and cell phones, right? 

Saturday, 9:15-10:00
Arcade Stage, 35 Weybosset St
For more proof that PVD Fest isn't worried about offending anyone with content is Boston hip hop group STL GLD. STL GLD are phenomenal live, and blend hip hop with a punk edge like no other. They flaunt their politics as much as Downtown Boys, so it could end up interesting if older music fans come down expecting a pleasant evening of music. If you can't make it to PVD Fest, make sure you find some way to see these guys live. Highest possible recommendation from us.

Epic Beard Men
Saturday, 11:15-12:15
Arcade Stage, 35 Weybosset St
A local indie hip hop supergroup, Epic Beard Men consists of Sage Francis and B. Dolan. Somehow I've never seen either live, so PVD Fest will provide an excellent opportunity. They're using this as a send off hometown party before their European tour, so expect a jubilant crowd and Epic Beard Men having a blast. Oh, and great facial hair.

Gray Bouchard & The Dedications
Sunday, 12:00-12:30
World Music Stage, 44 Washington St
It's interesting that Gray Bouchard & The Dedications are playing a world music stage. First, they're based in the Boston/Salem area, so they're only ninety minutes away, tops. Second, the Salem Wolves frontman keeps it pretty American with his side project. The Dedications play a toned down, more mainstream version of Salem Wolves's fiery garage rock. Think of the Hives's songs you hear on video games versus album cuts.

Heather Rose in Clover
Sunday, 5:30-6:00
Arcade Stage, 35 Weybosset St
Another band from Providence, Heather Rose in Clover are quickly becoming a favorite among us. Back in March when I first heard them, I compared them to Fuzzy, Velocity Girl, and Belly. They have this great 90's alternative pop sound without just being a pure throwback band. This is a perfect band for us, and we're dying to see them live!

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