Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Wolff Parkinson White featuring Norah Jones - "Department of Failure"

Photo by Lucy Shaw
Jochen Rueckerts is a well known jazz drummer, but when he decides to dabble in electronic music he goes by Wolff Parkinson White. He has released a new single featuring Norah Jones on vocals, "Department of Failure." For those of us that remember the electronic boom of the late 90's, "Department of Failure" is going to feel charmingly familiar. It's a blend of the most chilled out trip hop you've ever heard melded with jazz. Wolff Parkinson White took an old genre we all have intensely warm feelings for but rarely hear these days and updated it just slightly enough to make it sound modern, but like it was still made for us. This is trip hop for music fans with mortgages and who need to really pay attention to what health care plan to choose.

You can listen to "Department of Failure" below. Favours, the new album from Wolff Parkinson White, will be out February 7. You can pre-order a copy here. For more on Wolff Parkinson White, check out his website.


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