Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Jeff's Best of 2019 - #10: Slayyyter - Slayyyter

My #10 album this year is a surprise to me. I keep lumping Slayyyter in with the PC Music crowd, but that isn't very accurate - it's more that she represents an aesthetic of the deconstruction of late-1990s pop music. In some ways, it's more derivative of Peaches than PC Music in some regards, but if you don't have Britney and dubstep, you don't get Slayyyter.

So why does this work so well for me? For one, so much of this is ridiculously catchy. If you're not singing the chorus of "Daddy AF" to yourself (and, if you're in your late 30s like I am, feeling really conflicted about it), you might not have much life coursing through your veins, and "Alone" is a legit banger that feels like Christina Aguilera and Aphex Twin had a baby. Plus, there's a lot to appreciate from a melodic and musical standpoint in that it is so aggressive and off-center yet still ridiculously compelling. A late release this year, it's one I've gone back to quite a bit, and it's absolutely a favorite overall.

Songs of note: "Daddy AF," "BFF," "Cha Ching," "Alone."

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