Tuesday, December 31, 2019

En Attendant Ana - "Do You Understand?"

Photo by Chloé Lecarpentier
Back in November we went pretty nuts over En Attendant Ana's song "Words." If you went as nuts as we did, you'll be thrilled with their latest, "Do You Understand?" It's more of the same: incredibly lush indie pop mixed with indie rock. The latest song is even more bouncy and fun, almost as if Stereolab decided to rock out a little more.

The band explains the song: "As opposed to "Words" that we started to work on quite rapidly but which took so much time to finish, "Do You Understand?" was finalised in a short period of time. The lyrics came easily as well. Really fast, like automatic writing. It's also the first of our new songs that we played live. We were nervous about people's reaction. It's a song about friendship and the unexpected reassuring shoulders you can find when you need them. The importance of your surrounding when the times get rough. These kind of cheesy but important things."

You can listen to "Do You Understand?" below. Juillet, the new album from En Attendant Ana, will be out January 24 on Trouble in Mind. You can pre-order the album here. For more on En Attendant Ana, check them out on Facebook.

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