Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Ken's Best of 2019 - #5: The Yawpers - Human Question

I knew I was going to love Human Question from The Yawpers as soon as I heard the lead off track, "Child of Mercy." It's a three minute burst that starts off as a down home country rock song. Sure, it's a little edgier than your typical country rock song, but it's still country rock. And then the song just explodes into this insane noise rock epic, all while still having the twang of country. I was immediately in love upon the first listen.

Human Question never quite hits this level again, but insisting that it should would be impossible to maintain. It's ten songs that blend country rock, punk, metal, and noise rock into this seemless blend. Not every song is every genre, and the songs sometimes meander into different genres one right after the other, but this album is an absolute delight to discover.

Songs of note: "Child of Mercy," "Dancing On My Knees," "Earn Your Heaven," and "Forgiveness Through Pain"

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