Monday, January 11, 2021

War On Alexandria - "California"

Photo via Facebook

Boston's War On Alexandria hit my own personal hard rock/metal sweet spot that rarely finds much these days. They are firmly in that genre, but they are definitely not a thrash or a particularly heavy metal band. Their latest single, "California," is going to appeal to a certain breed of metal fans. It's a straight up metal power ballad. Now this is far from "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" or "Love Bites." While "California" does edge into pop, it's more the lost metal ballad like Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica used to pull off. Sure, it's a ballad, and it's a quiet song, but it still rocks. Plus, War On Alexandria truly let this ballad rock in a way few ballads ever get the chance to.

You can watch the video for "California" below. For more on War On Alexandria, check out the band on Facebook.

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