Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The Boatsmen - "When I'm Drunk"

Hailing from Sweden, The Boatsmen are a perfect example of modern rock 'n' roll. Their latest single, "When I'm Drunk," is a loud, fast, and in your face burst of pure rock. It's a little too flashy to be garage, and it lives in the same universe as Motorhead, straddling the line between punk and metal, and perfect for fans of both. Plus, there's just the slightest hint of 70's and 80's glam in here to allow it to still be as straight up rock as it is. Also, it's called "When I'm Drunk," so there's no sense of pretention here. It's just a loud, fun rock song.

You can watch the video for "When I'm Drunk" below. Versus The Boatsmen, the upcoming album from The Boatsmen, will be out this year on Spaghetty Town Records in the U.S. and Ghost Highway Recordings in Europe. For more on The Boatsmen, check out their Bandcamp.

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