Thursday, January 21, 2021

MIC Johnson Jr. featuring DV Alias Khryst - "Get Wit Me"

Photo via Facebook

The latest from Rochester, NY based MIC Johnson Jr. is perfect for hip hop fans who love the mid 90's just before Puff Daddy took over. "Get Wit Me" has a laid back feel while still having a little bit of intensity to keep things interesting. It sounds like if you merged Dr. Dre's g-funk sound with early Wu-Tang Clan, which is a combination that should have been made decades ago. It's not a pure throwback, though. Despite these elements, "Get Wit Me" does sound like a modern update of 90's hip hop.

You can watch the video for "Get Wit Me" below. Growth Spurt will be out on High Caliber Music. For more on MIC Johnson Jr., check out the artist's website.