Friday, November 3, 2023

King Isis - "Make It Up"

Photo by Gianni Gallant

Oakland's King Isis was taught piano by their great-great grandmother Omega King, who was one of the first black opera singers in Chicago. After years of classic training, King Isis is making music that combines R&B with rock. Typically that means R&B with some rock flourishes, but their new single, "Make It Up," lands squarely in the middle of the two genres. Unlike outlaw country which is usually too rock for country fans and too country for rock fans, "Make It Up" is going to work for both fans of rock and R&B. The song has this dark R&B vibe that is driven by rock guitars. It's a compelling combination that is going to inspire multiple listens just to try and figure it all out.

King Isis says of their new single:

“I wrote the first version of this song at home in Oakland, going through lows in love and lifeI was experimenting with darker production and more droney melodies, which I felt encompassed the monotonous feeling of just getting through the motions that was my life at the time.’

You can watch the video for "Make It Up" below. For more on King Isis, check out the artist on Instagram and Twitter.

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