Monday, November 27, 2023

White Flamingo - Kulumbia EP

White Flamingo has one of the coolest sounds in modern electronic music. His new two song EP, Kulumbia EP, is a mixture of modern American electronic music with cumbia rhythms. The song "Kulumbia" is relatively laid back, but it's still sure to inspire movement. That's followed up with "Yuca," which "... poignantly evokes African life and influence in the music of America." Both tracks are fun and highly dance-friendly without being overpowering. White Flamingo is taking multiple styles and genres of music and blending them so expertly that it's nearly impossible to tell how much is being melded together.

You can listen to Kulumbia EP below. It is out now on Mamboz Records, and can be downloaded through Bandcamp. For more on White Flamingo, check out the artist on Facebook.

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