Thursday, November 9, 2023

Doggy Daycare - "acid walk"

Photo by Mary Riley

After hearing Doggy Daycare's "(forgetting) sarah marshall" back in July, we said we couldn't wait to hear what they did next. The wait is officially over with the release of a second single, "acid walk." The southern shoegaze band really takes that genre to new levels with this one. The song has all the fuzz required with shoegaze, but the guitars have a distinct if odd twang to them. It's almost like if Archers of Loaf decided to switch up genres a bit. "acid walk" has a fuzzed out laid back vibe you just couldn't get anywhere else but the south. Doggy Daycare have created a new sound that is truly all theirs, and once again, we're dying to hear what comes next.

You can listen to "acid walk" below. I Love My Friends will be released via Fort Lowell Records. For more on Doggy Daycare, check out the band on Instagram and Twitter.

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