Friday, November 10, 2023

Other Brother Darryl - "Drive"

Photo by Chris Valle

Boston's "cosmic canyon rock band" Other Brother Darryl have released a new single about making sure to tell your friends you love them, since you never quite know when you won't get the chance again. As you may know, bandmember Dave Mirabella passed away last year, so it's a message they truly mean. "Drive" doesn't sound like anything that typically comes out of Boston. It sounds more like vintage Laurel Canyon bands, but with a Northeast blue collar sensibility. I'm getting some serious Corsby, Stills, Nash & Young vibes on this one, with it's use of vocal harmonies throughout mixed with killer twangy electric guitar solos. It's a heartbreaking song, but one we should all listen to the message of.

Nate Leavitt (guitar and vocals) says of his band's new song:

“To me, the song says, ‘It’ll be okay. Keep driving, you’ll get there.’ My favorite line is, ‘If you found someone whose beats so you won’t die.’ It really spoke to me in that moment we were all together writing these songs. I realized we all have hearts that beat for each other. When you have people like that in your life, you tell them you love them. This song is a reminder of that sentiment. We made it part of our goodbyes to each other when Dave was with us and continue to do so today. We encourage you to tell someone before it’s too late. It’ll make you feel good.”

You can listen to "Drive" below. For more on Other Brother Darryl, be sure to check out the band on Instagram.

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