Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Death and Rough Francis - Split 7"

For those unaware, Death are the Detroit protopunk band from the 1970's formed by three brothers, and the subject of the 2012 documentary A Band Called Death. Rough Francis are a Burlington, VT based garage rock band formed by the sons and nephews of Death. The two bands have been teasing working together on social media recently, and the first phase of that is a split single. Death's contribution is "World In Disguise," a blistering protopunk sound with just a bit of psychedelia mixed in. This is a band that was at the forefront of the genre, and continues to be with a single like this. Their peers have slowed down, but "World In Disguise" could have been released fifty years ago, if it wasn't for the production being a little more slick. Rough Francis' contribution is "Haunted," which is just pure Rough Francis. It's the mixture of skate punk meets garage rock that we love about these guys. They're one of the bands on my personal "How are these guys not huge?" list, and once you hear "Haunted," you'll understand why.

You can listen to "World In Disguise" and "Haunted" below. The 7" is available now via Bandcamp. For more on Death and Rough Francis' future endeavors together, check out Death's website.

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