Monday, November 6, 2023

senseless optimism - "It's You"

No one in Boston sounds anything like senseless optimism. Her latest single, "It's You," starts off as this laid back singer-songwriter track mixing folk and R&B in equal parts. Despite being laid back, there is this almost surprising intensity to her vocals, and the song just grooves hard. "It's You" is kind of like a dance song hidden in a folk song. And then there's an indie rock ending that sneaks in out of nowhere, with this glorious burst of noisy guitar. senseless optimism has such a unique sound and, if you haven't previously, you're going to want to check out immediately. 

senseless optimism says about her latest song:

"This song explores a crumbling relationship, watching it disintegrate one piece at a time, and wondering about how it all began."

You can listen to "It's You" below. For more on senseless optimism, check out the artist's website.

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