Tuesday, April 30, 2024

The Familyhood Nextperience - "To the Hilt"

Last Thursday saw the announcement of a major line up change with Fishbone, which included the departure of founding member Norwood Fisher. On Friday, a new project of Fisher's was announced: The Familyhood Nextperience. It's a musical collective that also features musicians who have played with bands such as The Skeletones, Social Distortion, The English Beat, Suicidal Tendencies, and more. The project's debut single is "To the Hilt," which is a blend of reggae, rock, and ska in a delightful mixture. If you ever went through a ska or reggae phase at any point in your life (or never stopped having one), "To the Hilt" is going to appeal to you. It's a laid back but intense song. It may not have the high energy of Fishbone's ska-core, but this is an addictive song that is in no way the guilty pleasure a lot of modern ska can be. The Familyhood Nextperience is making great music, no matter if you've moved past your ska phase or not.

You can listen to "To the Hilt" below. The single is out now via DC-Jam Records. For more on The Familyhood Nextperience, check out Norwood Fisher's Facebook and Instagram.

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