Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Sarah Grace White - "Sinkhole"

Photo by Chloe Chippendale

Sarah Grace White's latest single might lean towards the pop side of music, but it's hardly a mainstream pop song. "Sinkhole" is a pop song with some roots in both indie rock and folk. It's the kind of some that effortlessly blends the genres into one sound in such a way that fans of all three will be able to claim it as their own, even though it is truly none of them. At least, not purely any of them. It's the kind of easy going song that could easily be listened to as background music, but that will reward listeners who pay attention, especially after multiple listens. Sarah Grace White is the style of artist that you'll like at first, but then grow more and more deeply invested in as time goes on.

Sarah Grace White says of her new single:

"Sinkhole is a story of falling in love fast with a dead end train. I wrote it in the aftermath of its inevitable crash, finding solace in some imaginary place where it all meant something after all, a physical manifestation of synchronicity. Could it be while I’m thinking of you, you’re thinking of me too?”

You can watch the video for "Sinkhole" below. For more on Sarah Grace White, check out the artist's website.

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