Wednesday, April 3, 2024

D.C. Maxwell - "The Last Stand of the Killer"

Photo by Ngaru Garland

Aukland based alt-country troubadour D.C. Maxwell just released a new single about a bank robbery with a matching video. "The Last Stand of the Killer" opens with the line "Get on the ground you motherfuckers" and just goes straight from there. The lyrics are made up entirely of what is said by the bank robber, and despite being a fairly laid back ballad, it's an intense song. It's a great ballad, with vocals going between crooning and shouting. "The Last Stand of the Killer" is a rambling song that defines the alt-country genre, despite being more of a folk ballad than a country tune. Plus, it features the trumpet playing skills of Liz Stokes from The Beths!

"I wrote this song as a lilting Scots/Irish folk ballad of a doomed hero, inspired by the songs I grew up listening to from The Pogues. From the start the song/video puts you inside the head of an adrenaline-pumping maniac in the midst of a robbery gone sour. In his final desperate moments, he's hoping against hope that the people he's taken hostage can understand him, forgive him, and maybe even love him a bit.”

You can watch the video for "The Last Stand of the Killer" below. Lone Rider is out now on Danger Collective Records. For more on D.C. Maxwell, check out the artist's website.

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