Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Perennial - "Action Painting"

Photo by Omari Spears

I've been into the artsy, noise punk sound of Perennial since stumbling on "Perennial in a Haunted House" back in 2021. They've always had this exuberant, joyful take on just-barely-in-control punk that appeals to me on a primal level. For their latest single, they're mixing it up quite a bit. "Action Painting" is still the high energy noise punk we've come to love, but this time Perennial is letting their oldies influence take over. As fast and as noisy as this new single is, it's also highly dance friendly and borderline pop at times. This is by far the most melodic we've seen Perennial without losing any of what has made us fans. "Action Painting" is kind of like if The Kinks suddenly decided to invent noise punk.

You can watch the video for "Action Painting" below. Art History is due out June 7 on Earnest Jenning Record Co., and is available for pre-order through Bandcamp. For more on Perennial, check out the band on Instagram and Twitter.

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