Thursday, March 25, 2021

Brad Marino - "Even the Score"

We recently discovered the old school power pop of Rochester, NH's Brad Marino, and we're completely sucked in by this discovery. His latest single, "Even the Score," is pure vintage 70's style power pop. It's a mid-tempo rock song that is completely catchy, from just the jangly guitar riffs to the chorus, to the "Ohhh-oh!"s. Plus the twangy slide guitar adds just the slightest country rock twinge that's going to make an even bigger fan out of you. It's the fun kinda rock song we all want for the summer, to either cruise around to or just hang out at an outdoor gathering (if that's possible this year).

You can listen to "Even the Score" below. Looking for Trouble is due out April 30. In the US, you can get a vinyl copy from Spaghetty Town Records. In Europe, it will be via Beluga Records and Ghost Highway Recordings. CDs will be available through Rum Bar Records. You can find all options (including digital) over at Brad Marino's Bandcamp. For more on Brad Marino, check out the artist on Facebook.

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