Friday, March 26, 2021

Saint Sister - "Karaoke Song"

Photo by Audrey Gillespie

Back in December (which somehow feels like years ago), we brought you "The Place That I Work" from Saint Sister. We adored the traditional Irish style ballad that was nearly a capella. It was a mesmerizing song, and we couldn't wait to hear more of the same from the Dublin based duo.

They're latest single, "Karaoke Song," is not what we expected from Saint Sister. Completely gone is the quiet beauty of "The Place That I Work," and it its place is a straight up disco song. Once you recover from the shock of the complete change in genre, you'll realize "Karaoke Song" is fantastic. It's quiet and laid back for a dance song, but this is definitely a song. It's not a banger (as the kids maybe still say), but instead it's the kind of song to gently encourage people to head out to the dance floor. It's a fun little song that makes us really wonder what Saint Sister have in store for us next.

Morgana MacIntyre explains the origins of the new song:

“Gemma had this gorgeous instrumental and I was trying to work in a load of grandiose lyrics that always felt clunky and out of place. At the end of a particularly tiring day spent writing, I started using the song as a way to make fun of the night we had recently shared singing karaoke. I kept thinking ‘no one will take this seriously’ and then I realized maybe I don’t want them to, that’s not the point of the song.” 

You can watch the video for "Karaoke Song" below. Where I Should End is due out June 25. For more on Saint Sister, check out the band's website.

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