Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Lucy Dacus - "Thumbs"

Photo by Marin Leong

To say we've been transfixed by the music of Lucy Dacus is an understatement. Her blend of indie rock/indie pop/folk songs that slowly build into these epic crescendos hits an ideal sweet spot for us. Her latest single, "Thumbs," changes the formula a bit while still being pure Lucy Dacus. A part of her live shows since 2018, "Thumbs" starts off quietly and then stays there. It's a very quiet, moody song that is as lovely as it is haunting. Dacus' vocals are at the forefront of this, with barely any instrumentation at all. It's just her voice, synth, and mellotron. It's a truly powerful song, both in subject matter and execution.

Lucy Dacus says of the song: 

Like most songs I write, I wasn’t expecting it and it made me feel weird, almost sick. It tells the story of a day I had with a friend during our freshman year of college, a significant day, but not one that I had thought of for years. I started playing it live a month or so later during the boygenius tour after Phoebe and Julien encouraged me to. I knew I wanted a long time to get used to playing it since it made me feel shaky, so I ended sets with it for about half the shows I played in 2019. Before I played it, I would ask the audience to please not record it, a request that seems to have been respected, which I'm grateful for."

You can listen to "Thumbs" below. You can get a copy of the song here. For more on Lucy Dacus, check out her website.


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