Tuesday, June 15, 2021

ArOzA Crew - "Asphalt"

I may be wrong, but I believe this may be the first hip hop we've brought you from Munich, Germany. ArOzA Crew have some of the most old school sound we've heard in ages. "Asphalt" is pure early 90's hip hop. The sound is hard, the music isn't completely comfortable to listen to, and this would have been my new favorite group in high school. "Asphalt" sounds like Onyx meets Wu-Tang Clan. It's a reminder of a time when hip hop had a sense of menace. ArOzA Crew are going to give you some of the best musical flashbacks you've had this year.

You can watch the video for "Asphalt" below. You can save or purchase the single here. For more on ArOzA Crew, check out the artist's Instagram.

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