Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Sharon Silva - "Spitting Image"

Photo by Nina Raj

"Spitting Image" is the debut solo single from Sharon Silva of The Wild Reeds. While The Wild Reeds definitely fit into the folk/Americana genre, "Spitting Image" is more of an alt-rock/pop singer/songwriter track. It's an upbeat track that masks a lot of pain and emotion, which makes sense since it's about the death of Silva's mother. It's the kind of song that you'll find yourself cheerfully singing along to until you actually pay attention to the lyrics. It is a gorgeous song, and Silva's vocals do convey the emotion of the song. It's that dichotomy that makes "Spitting Image" a truly interesting song.

Sharon Silva says of the song:

“‘Spitting Image’ is a song I wrote in stillness on the flight back from my mothers’ burial. It faces the startling confusion that accompanied my grief, and challenges the notion that we end up making the same mistakes as our parents. Come to find out that sometimes the wrong people present themselves at our most vulnerable moments, and here I am just thinking it over: saying my worst fear out loud to find the footing on my own track, or rather, for the video, in my own ring. The video was the vision of Caitlin Gerard, who wanted to portray the obstacles we face within ourselves, and how much strength you have to find to overcome loss. Don't beat yourself up, kid.” 

You can watch the video for "Spitting Image" below. For more on Sharon Silva, check out the artist on Twitter.

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