Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Stice - "I Need Cash!!!"

Photo by Caterina Kenworthy

The new single from Stice isn't going to be for everyone. It features vocalist Crab (aka Caroline Bennett formerly of Kiddy Pool/Machine Girl) and producer Jark (aka Jake Lichter of Maine based Lunch Cult). "I Need Cash!!!" is a bizarre electronic punk song that sounds like Deli Girls teamed with Peaches and decided to try to make a huge mainstream crossover hit. If that's something that sounds like it appeals to you, you're probably going to love this song. Even if it doesn't you still owe it to yourself to check this song out. It's the kind of bizarro music that could end up unexpectedly making you a fan. Also, if you're at work or care about your kids hearing NS4W lyrics, headphones on!

You can watch the video for "I Need Cash!!!" below. The single is available now via Ramp Local. You can stream/save/purchase the song here. For more on Stice, check them out on Twitter and Instagram.

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