Tuesday, June 1, 2021

First Listen: New Releases for 28 May 2021

Artist: PACKS
Album: Take the Cake
Quick Thoughts: This is so great, guys. It's fuzzy, slacked-out alt-rock with a ton going for it. PACKS is an indie act that had some lo-fi stuff out over last summer, and this proper first album is just a delight. I love everything about this, and I'm really looking forward to spending more time with the album.
Songs of Note: "Silvertongue," "Hangman," "New TV"

Artist: Bachelor
Album: Doomin' Sun
Quick Thoughts: A collaborative effort with Palehound and Jay Som, this is the sort of indie stuff you love to hear. There are a lot of great highlights throughout the record, but what I was most impressed with is how well the two acts complement each other. Some parts are better than others, but on a whole? There's a lot to love here, and a lot to look forward to on future listens.
Songs of Note: "Stay in the Car," "Sick of Spiraling"

Artist: Dispatch
Album: Break Our Fall
Quick Thoughts: I'm always surprised when I like a Dispatch album and I don't know why. For years and years now, they keep putting out quality rock music and float *just under* the radar. This is well in-line with their recent output, and "The Legend of Connie Hawkins" has the potential of being a classic of 2021.
Songs of Note: "May We All," "The Legend of Connie Hawkins"

Artist: Moby
Album: Reprise
Quick Thoughts: Moby takes the greatest hits format and turns it into a reimaginative effort. I know Moby gets a bad rap in a lot of circles, but the way these songs are laid out and reconstructed shows the depth of the songwriting and the talent. This might not work for everyone, but if you've been away from Moby for a while, this is as good a time as ever to return.
Songs of Note: "Heroes," "Natural Blues"

Of note:

* Sedibus - The Heavens (Andy Falconer and Alex Paterson of The Orb.)
* The Veronicas - Godzilla (Fun, poppy rock.)
* BABii - MiiRROR
* Storefront Church - As We Pass
* Lou Barlow - Reason to Live
* Porter Robinson - Nurture
* Texas - Hi
* GusGus - Mobile Home
* Cat Temper - Kitty Hate Machine
* Neighborhood Brats - Confines of Life


/ Daoi Freyr - Welcome (One of the best things to come from Eurovision in a while.)
* Gwar - The Disc With No Name (The Gwar acoustic EP you never asked for.)
* L Devine - Near Life Experience Part One
* Telyscopes - Cellulite
* Freedom Fry - Reprises II
* LPX - Go the Other Way, Called the Echo
* Mush - Great Artisanal Formats
* Dora Jar - Digital Meadow
* taia - mermaidparty99
* Pet Shop Boys - My Beautiful Laundrette
* 808 State - TimeBomb

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* A. G. Cook - Apple vs. 7G
* k.d. lang - makeover
* Juanita Stein - Locked Down - Live from Brighton Electric

Also out:

* Kele - The Waves Pt. 1 (from Bloc Party.)
* Satanic Planet - Satanic Planet (featuring Lucien Greaves from The Satanic Temple.)
* Needles//Pins - Needles//Pins
* black midi - Cavalcade
* Too Much Joy - More Misteaks

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