Friday, July 28, 2023

Grrrl Gang - "Blue-Stained Lips"

Photo by Tiny Studio

Indonesia's Grrrl Gang are becoming masters of the melodic pop song with a punk edge. Their latest, "Blue-Stained Lips," sounds like it would have fit right in on the glory days of Lookout Records. It's a fun and upbeat punk rock song that is just bursting with melodies and catchy pop hooks. Plus, it's a gushing love song, and those are always better when there's a bit more of an attitude to keep the gushiness in check a bit. If anything, "Blue-Stained Lips" might be a bit too much fun, but we'll let Grrrl Gang get away with it because they're just that endearing.

Angeeta Sentana says of her band's new song:

“We were at a party one night, and I drank this blue cocktail, and it left a stain on my lips, making them blue. I thought I looked super ugly, but my boyfriend still thought I was perfect and kissed me, regardless. The line ‘Kiss me on my blue-stained lips’ is a metaphor for him liking me and accepting me for who I am.”

You can watch the video for "Blue-Stained Lips" below. Spunky! is due out September 22 on Kill Rock Stars in the US, Trapped Animal Records in Europe, and Big Romantic Records in Taiwan and Japan. It's available for pre-order here. For more on Grrrl Gang, check out the band on Twitter and Instagram.

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