Thursday, July 6, 2023


Boston's K.O. QUEEN have just released their debut, and it's a powerhouse of six songs that comes in at under ten minutes. #1 K.O. QUEEN starts off with "Shrcc Attcc," and just takes off straight from there. It's a blisteringly heavy song that combines indie rock with noise punk and metal. It's a scream filled burst of a song with driving guitars. "plz don't hit me any more" takes over from there, and it's the hardest thirty six second song you'll hear this year. If you're looking for a little more melody in a song, but just a little bit, "Pretty Girl" has you covered. It has all the aggression and force of the previous songs, but a little more of a traditional song structure. Just as you think you have K.O. QUEEN pegged, "luv bug" comes in as an off-kilter kinda sorta country song... until it isn't.

You can listen to "Pretty Girl" below. #1 K.O. QUEEN is out now, and is available via Bandcamp. For more on K.O. QUEEN, check out the band on Instagram.

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