Monday, July 3, 2023

JVK - "With Me Too"

I discovered JVK last summer when they played a show with Tysk Tysk Task in Pawtucket. I loved their indie rock meets pop and goth sound, and their latest single fits perfectly into that description. "With Me Too" is a little less pop than their previous songs, although there is still plenty of a pop sound. There is a lot more metal in this song mixing with indie rock. For the metal aspect, it's the more orchestral sounding with soaring harmonies, which gives the song an interesting Nightwish goes indie rock sound. The true powerhouse of the song is vocalist Jo Krieger, who has more power behind her vocals than you typically get for bands at this level.

You can listen to "With Me Too" below. For more on JVK, check out the band's website and their Instagram.

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