Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Sharkswimmer - "Glue"

Photo by Mitchell Wojcik

There are a lot of bands currently wearing their 90's influences on their sleeves, butBrooklyn's Sharkswimmer are going the extra mile. Their latest single, "Glue," is a perfectly fuzzed out track mixed with some of the poppiest hooks around in 2023. The song starts off with a wall of shoegaze style guitar, but as it goes on the harmony and melody starts coming out more and more. It includes some slacker vocals that end up being surprisingly catchy. "Glue" slowly seems to morph into different styles as it goes on that are barely noticeable. It's like Sharkswimmer found a way to cram My Bloody Valentine, The Lemonheads, Foo Fighters, and Nada Surf into one song, and they did it quite well.

You can listen to "Glue" below. Serenity is due out October 3 on Really Rad Records. For more on Sharkswimmer, check out the band on Instagram and Facebook.

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