Tuesday, July 18, 2023

First Listen: New Releases and Missed Music for 14 July 2023

Artist: Josaleigh Pollett
Album: In the Garden, By the Weeds
Quick Thoughts: My favorite recent album and it's not even close. If you're not on board by the time lead track "YKWIM" hits its peak, I don't know what else to tell you. This is a modern, fascinating folk effort that challenges you just as much as it takes up real estate in your head, and I loved everything about it. Do not miss out on this. It's one of the best of the year.
Songs of Note: "YKWIM," "The Nothing Answered Back," "Bad Dreams (Not Broken)," "cinderblocks," "July," "Earthquake Song"

Artist: Grumpy Plum
Album: Real Tough Guy
Quick Thoughts: We missed this Grumpy Plum album when it first came out and it's crazy how great this is. It's that sort of twee-adjacent indie pop that resonates on all levels and harkens back to a time decades before they were probably even around. Loved this, and you will love this too.
Songs of Note: "i don't care," "proud," "415"

Artist: Tessa Violet
Album: MY GOD!
Quick Thoughts: I know we're at peak influencer at this point, and there are more than enough vloggers-turned-tiktokers-turned-serious-artists to go around, but I don't think it's entirely fair to bundle Tessa Violet in with that group. She knows how to write a pop hook, and while you might not be the target demographic for a lot of these songs, there is a ton to love here and a lot of talent packed into this effort. Don't miss it.
Songs of Note: "BAD BITCH," "YES MOM," "song without a title," "I Don't Know Who I Am Without You," "You Are Not My Friend"

Of note:

* Snõõper - Super Snõõper (Fun, quick-hit punk rock.)
* Ceramic Dog - Connection
* air hunger - Grace
* Alaska Reid - Disenchanter
* Derek Smith - Obscura
* Craven Faults - Standers
* Yama Warashi - Crispy Moon
* Loopsel - Oga for Oga
* Claud - Supermodels
* Meraki Minds - When the Weather Was Warm
* BT - The Secret Language of Trees
* J-Shadow - The End of All Physical Form
* Being Dead - When Horses Would Run
* Palehound - Eye on the Bat
* Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real - Sticks and Stones
* Freak Heat Waves - Mondo Tempo
* W O L F C L U B - Desert Hearts
* Kyle Bates and Lula Asplund - A Matinee


* Matilda Mann - You Look Like You Can't Swim
* Lindstrom - Everyone Else is a Stranger
* Madge - ravepack
* Poppy Jean Crawford - The Takeover
* 1456 - Ladies
* The Bug - Machine 2
* Saint Abdullah and Eomac - A Vow Not to Read
* Still Dreams - Nerve
* Odie Leigh - The Only Thing Worse Than a Woman Who Lies is a Girl Who'll Tell Truths

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* fabric SELECTS II

Also out:

* Kim Dracula - A Gradual Decline in Morale

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