Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Career Woman - "Jupiter"

Career Woman is the musical project of nineteen year old Melody Caudill. The Los Angeles based singer/songwriter recently released a new single, "Jupiter." The new song is a pop leaning indie rock song. As with most indie rock, there are some hints of the 90's, but "Jupiter" sounds much more 2023 than 1993. Caudill's influences are artists like Snail Mail and Lomelda, but you'll also hear artists like The Lemonheads and Courtney Barnett in this new song, even if it's mostly in the songwriting. It's a joyful and hopeful song, even if some of the lyrics are quite a gut punch. As someone who isn't really a lyrics guy, you really should pay attention to this one. Career Woman crafted a winner here.

Melody Caudill says of her latest single:

"'Jupiter' was the first song I wrote since coming to college and it encompasses all of the new feelings that come along with starting a new life. I was experiencing overwhelming joy but also paralyzing fear because of all of the new people I met and everyone I had to leave behind. The lyrics are all really specific and I tried to capture details that only me and the people involved could pinpoint, while still speaking to a larger message that could be universally relatable. The song started out as an acoustic folk track but my bandmate Jackson turned it into the full band sound it has today, and I think it was definitely a smart musical choice. I hope the song communicates the feeling of being in a completely new environment and starting a new life stage because it definitely articulates how it felt for me."

You can watch the video for "Jupiter" below. The single is out now via Lauren Records. For more on Career Woman, check out Career Woman on Instagram.

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