Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Maple Glider - "Dinah"

Photo by Bridgette Winten

Naarm/Melbourne based artist Maple Glider (aka Tori Zietsch) has released a new single that shows off the pop side of her psych folk sound. Of course, as is the case with the best songs, the light, cheery sound of the music hides a darker message in the lyrics. "Dinah" is inspired by the bible story of a woman being victim blamed for being sexually assaulted. It's the kind of song that sounds like a perfect summer song until you actually pay attention to the lyrics. The upbeat vibe of the song makes the message that much more dark and disturbing.

Tori Zietsch says of her new song:

“For me, 'Dinah' is the scariest thing I’ve ever put out. It’s probably the most pop feeling song I’ve released, but it’s really quite an angry song. I have felt incredibly disturbed and frustrated and sad in the process of writing and putting it together. I wanted the video to be fast paced, colourful, and full of energy, the same kind of riled up energy I had when I wrote the song. But it also had to be silly, because I can’t help that.”

You can watch the video for "Dinah" below. I Get Into Trouble is due out October 13 on Pieater in Australia and Partisan everywhere else. The album is available for pre-order through Bandcamp. For more on Maple Glider, check out the artist on Instagram and Facebook.

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