Thursday, July 13, 2023

Arny Margret - "i went outside"

Photo by Keiko Ichihara

Iceland's Arny Margret is just one of those artists that is impossibly compelling. Her latest single, "i went outside," skirts the mainstream of modern folk-pop, but eschews it in favor of her very own sound. As with any of her songs, "i went outside" focuses on Margret's vocals, which are charming and lovely in the way that virtually any listener is going to become a fan. This is a song that initially feels simple, but the deeper you listen, the more you'll hear going on. There is unexpected instrumentation and sounds throughout that add to how lush the song feels without taking away from Margret's vocals and lyrics. The more often and the more intently you listen, the more you'll be rewarded.

Arny Margret says of her upcoming EP:

“The EP is different than anything I’ve done. I push my voice more, I even scream at one point. The title track is the first song I've ever actually written broadly on piano. One of the tracks is so short, and doesn’t even have a chorus, it’s not the way you’d typically write a song. One track is played with a full band–it’s so much fuller, but it’s also much more raw. Through all the tracks on the EP, I think it's about figuring something out about myself. A lot of them are about me and how I am as a person, and what I do.”

You can listen to "i went outside" below. dinner alone is due out September 22 on One Little Independent Records. For more on Arny Margret, check out the artist's website

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