Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Nuclear Tourism - "No Never!"

Photo by Kyler Vollmar

When a band is described as skate punk, you know exactly what to expect. The genre hasn't deviated much in the past forty years except for some minor ones. Nuclear Tourism are going to change that. First of all, they're an Athens, GA based band, and they're upcoming album was produced by Jesse Mangum. (Not much skate punk gets produced by someone who has also produced Elf Power.) The band's new single, "No Never!," is definitely a skate punk song, albeit one heard through an Athens, GA filter. It's weirder than most, and gets a little screamier and neo-grunge-esque. Plus, there's a surprising amount of piano for a punk song. If you love your classic skate punk but want something new with it, you'll want to give Nuclear Tourism a shot.

You can listen to "No Never!" below. Nuclear Tourism's self-titled album is out now via Baby Robot Records. For more on Nuclear Tourism, check out the band on Instagram and Facebook.

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