Friday, July 7, 2023

Nora Brown & Stephanie Coleman - "Lady of the Lake"

Nora Brown and Stephanie Coleman first met and started playing music together back in 2017 despite their twenty year age difference. It took six years, but the duo are finally set to release an EP later this month. The first single off that EP, "Lady of the Lake," is pure, traditional folk and Americana. It's a nearly four minute long instrumental track that somehow finds a way to tell a tale without needing words. If you already know Nora Brown, you know that she's a musical prodigy that makes music that sounds as if it was recorded long before she was born. "Lady of the Lake" is also perfect for anyone that has a fondness for more traditional modern artists like Tatiana Hargreaves and Allison de Groot.

You can listen to "Lady of the Lake" below. The Lady of the Lake EP is due out July 28 on Jalopy Records. For more on Nora Brown and Stephanie Coleman, check out Nora Brown's website.

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