Friday, July 31, 2015

Sealings - "White Devil"

Sealings hail from Brighton in the UK. They have their debut album, I'm a Bastard, coming out on September 18th. The first song they've released from it, "White Devil," is a forward looking throwback to the glory days of the 80s indie scene.

"White Devil" reminds me a lot of Sonic Youth's "Death Valley 69," particularly the guitars and intensely methodical drumming. It also has some of the pop elements of The Strokes, but only when The Strokes are aping Sonic Youth. You'll also hear some of The Jesus and Mary Chain's drone behind the whole thing. And somehow they pack all of this epic sound into a compact 2 minute song.

I'm a Bastard will be released September 18 on Faux Discx and Italian Beach Babes. You can listen to "White Devil" below. Faux Discx has the album available for pre-order, and check out the label's website for more information.


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