Thursday, July 16, 2015

Normil Hawaiians - "Sianne Don't Work in a Factory"

Originally recorded in 1986, the final album from Normil Hawaiians was delayed, and then shelved, never having been released. This October will finally see the release of Return of the Ranters after nearly 30 years.

The first song off the album, "Sianne Don't Work in a Factory," is available to be listened to now. For the first two minutes it is pure noise rock, the kind of experimental noise you'd hear from an opener at a Thurston Moore show these days. After the first two minutes, it's transitions to some of the most minimalist post punk you will ever hear. It's almost as if Gang of Four recorded a ballad, but take out the funk and add noise. It's incredibly interesting stuff, especially considering it's almost three decades old. 

Return of the Ranters will finally be released on October 16 on Upset the Rhythm, who also plan on reissuing Normil Hawaiians' first two albums More Wealth Than Money and What's Going On? The band will be reforming to perform at the album's release party at The Lexington in London on October 24. For more information on anything Normil Hawaiians related, head over to their website, and listen to "Sianne Don't Work in a Factory" below.

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